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Gemma Randall is a freelance photographer specialising in weddings,
events, baby & toddler, fashion, and beauty photography

Gemma Randall Photography

Gemma's original site was OK but it needed to be a lot more user interactive. When Fortem re-developed the site, additional functionality was added that included an online client area where users could view their personal gallery of images as well as saving favourites.

Andy and Fortem Digital came to the rescue when we had to stop our website development with a big agency who didn’t deliver.

They turned the website very quickly allowing us to stay in the same timeframe we set up for this project. Andy’s design skills helped immensely to visualise the website before developing, so when we agreed the design, the development was done quickly and without problems. The support was great and the team was always flexible and proactive. We’ll definitely work with them in the future.

Monica BirhoataPrisym ID

Absolutely 1st class. This company has it all, professionalism, experience, great design, good impartial advice and above all, they have really impressed us with an in-depth understanding of our needs. Perhaps a better understanding of those needs than we had!

Great communication, with almost immediate answers to our queries. Very highly recommended.

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