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Godden Butchers is a family owned, independent supplier of premium quality meat and poultry based in the heart of the Chilterns.

Godden Butchers

Working with a number of local companies, we have developed great working relationships, and as such this was the introduction to Godden Butchers from their IT company. Godden were looking for a web design company to design and develop a brand new e-commerce website.

The website was required in response to meeting a business need: allowing customers to order online and benefit from free local delivery. Due to the nature of their business, and the meat and poultry products which they sell, the site needed to be bespoke to meet customers’ specific ordering and delivery requirements.

Design & development

Fortem Digital created a website design which allows visitors to the site to easily see the range of products on offer and facilitates easy ordering.

The following development work was undertaken to meet their specific needs:

  • Site registration before users can order. This is to ensure that customers’ addresses are local, as all deliveries are made by hand.
  • All prices have to show an ‘approx.’ or ‘typical pack price’. Due to the fact that Godden don’t generally sell pre-packed meat; all orders are made to order. The final price won’t be known until the customer’s order is fulfilled.
  • Once the order has been delivered the customer is sent an invoice for payment.
  • One of the key elements of the website development was over-riding the e-commerce default plugin functions. Customers of Godden Butchers who live within a 2 mile radius require an order value of £30 per order; whereas customers outside of this radius require an order value of £40.

The result is a website which is easy to navigate, and facilitates easy ordering for customers; has the back end functionality to meet Godden Butchers’ specific needs, with the ability to add any new product ranges throughout the year.

"Andy and Ricky at Fortem Digital did a great job of sorting out our e-commerce website at a very reasonable price. At every stage they provided expert guidance and made it all quite simple. When it comes to websites there is always be another job to do but we are delighted with the results so far."

Reuben Godden - Godden Butchers November 2020

Absolutely 1st class. This company has it all, professionalism, experience, great design, good impartial advice and above all, they have really impressed us with an in-depth understanding of our needs. Perhaps a better understanding of those needs than we had!

Great communication, with almost immediate answers to our queries. Very highly recommended.

Andy BorrowImpact Signs

Andy and Fortem Digital came to the rescue when we had to stop our website development with a big agency who didn’t deliver.

They turned the website very quickly allowing us to stay in the same timeframe we set up for this project. Andy’s design skills helped immensely to visualise the website before developing, so when we agreed the design, the development was done quickly and without problems. The support was great and the team was always flexible and proactive. We’ll definitely work with them in the future.

Monica BirhoataPrisym ID